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    Why is Kwak called Kwak?

    Kwak is named after Pauwel Kwak, an ingenious innkeeper that lived in 18th century Belgium.

    What are the flavours of the different Kwak beers?

    Kwak Amber (8.4%) is original in its light amber colour with a full and velvety head. A beautiful explosion in the mouth of biscuit, banana, orange marmalade, hints of caramel and spices to end in a delicate bitterness. Kwak Blonde (7.4%) is a smooth and refreshing blonde beer, with delicate bitterness and subtle hints of aroma hops (such as Styrian Golding, Cascade and Simcoe), a firm head and, above all, the characteristic fruitiness of the Kwak yeast, expressed in hints of banana and pear. Kwak Rouge (8.0%) is a refreshing specialty beer with notes of cherry and almond, based on the unique Kwak recipe. Subtly bitter, slightly sweet and full of flavor.​

    Where can I buy Kwak glassware?

    You can buy the glassware online here on Saveurbière This link redirects to another website.or you can buy a giftpack in your local store.

    How should I pour Kwak in a Kwak glass?

    You should start your pour in a 45° angle and slowly come up to ensure a thich head. You have the perfect serve if the foam starts at the bottom of the logo.

    How do I store Kwak best?

    Kwak beers should be stored dark and cool. A cellar with a stable temperature or the fridge is ideal.

    What is the nutritional value of the different Kwak beers?

    You can find out all nutritional info hereThis link redirects to another website..

    Are the Kwak beers vegan?

    Yes the Kwak beers are vegan, however the glue used for the lables is not.

    Where can I buy the Kwak beers?

    You can buy them online on this linkThis link redirects to another website., in your local store as well in different bars across the country.

    Why is the year 1791 mentioned on Kwak bottles?

    1791 is the year Jean Baptist Bosteels founded Bosteels Brewery

    Can I visit the Bosteels brewery?

    Yes you can visit Bosteels Brewery, you can book a visit hereThis link redirects to another website..

    My question wasn't answered in this FAQ, where can I go?

    You can fill out this formThis link redirects to another website. for any further questions 

    Are there gluten in your beers?

    For all our beers we use barley or barley malt as raw material, for some beers we use wheat (e.g. white beers). Both materials contain gluten. Wheat contains more gluten than barley. Research shows that the average gluten values in our beers containing barley or barley malt fluctuate around 20 ppm. Beers containing wheat are always lower than 80 ppm. Gluten is indicated on our labels by mentioning the raw material used (malt or wheat) that contains gluten. Our beers therefore contain gluten, but the gluten content is low.

    Can I have my event sponsored by Bosteels?

    As a company, we receive dozens of sponsorship requests every day. Although they are very much appreciated, it is impossible for us to answer them all. Therefore, we have a strict sponsorship policy. We focus mainly on major sports and music events. It is very important to us that people enjoy our products in a responsible way. Therefore, events aimed at minors cannot be sponsored. Sponsorship requests that fall within the scope of our policy may be submitted via the contact form. Sponsorship requests should be submitted 3-6 months prior to the planned activity.

    Contact UsThis link redirects to another website..

    How can I apply for a job at Kwak / AB-Inbev?

    1) For current open positions within AB InBev (of which Kwak is part of) please check hereThis link redirects to another website..

    2) If you would like to submit an open application you can do so hereThis link redirects to another website..

    Can you help me with a school project?

    Every day, we receive many requests from students for school assignments about our company. We cannot spare the time to answer all these enquiries personally and choose to focus entirely on the people who are doing an internship with our company. You can find a lot of information on our websites:, ab-inbev.beThis link redirects to another website., ab-inbev.comThis link redirects to another website. & tapintoyourbeer.comThis link redirects to another website.

    How can I become a customer as a Bar/restaurant owner?

    If so, please contact us at cx.horeca@ab-inbev.comThis link redirects to another website. or 02/2006050. You will also find all kinds of interesting information for the hospitality industry hereThis link redirects to another website..

    I want to export beer abroad. Is that possible?

    What do you do to promote a responsible consumption pattern?

    Bosteels (of which Kwak is part of) attaches great importance to the responsible consumption of its products. We believe that beer, when consumed responsibly, is a perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle. Around the world, we develop and implement various programmes to promote responsible consumption, working closely with authorities and civil society organisations. For more info click hereThis link redirects to another website..

    I would like to use a logo/image of Kwak, is that allowed?

    It is no problem if you want to use our logo for personal, non-commercial purposes. You can find logos and packshots of Kwak through this linkThis link redirects to another website..